Tshirt SpoiltCe tshirt qui met en évidence les “punch” de plusieurs films qui font partie de la culture populaire m’a plutôt fait sourire. Pour ceux qui n’auraient pas identifié tous les films, voici la liste:

“Luke’s father” – Star Wars
“It was Earth all along” – Planet of the Apes
“Verbal is Keyser Soze” – The Usual Suspects
“Dil is actually a man” – The Crying Game
“Snape kills Dumbledore” – Harry Potter
“The kid’s therapist is a ghost” – The Sixth Sense
“Neo is the one” – The Matrix
“The killer’s mother is a part of his split personality” – Psycho
“The village is part of a modern nature reserve” – The Village
“Donnie dies” – Donnie Darko
“The friends are all a part of his beautiful mind” – A Beautiful Mind
“Soylent Green is made of people” – Soylent Green
“Rosebud was the name of his sled” – Citizen Kane
“The protagonists are the others” – The Others
“Tyler Durden isn’t real” – Fight Club
“The villagers sacrifice the policeman” – The Wicker Man
“299 die” – 300
“Kristen shot JR” – Dallas